Achaemenid Ceremonial Phiale
Anatolian "Idol" in the Form of a Stylized Female Figure
Anatolian Beak- Spouted Terracotta Jug
Anatolian Gold Bracelet
Anatolian Gold Ring "Idol"
Item Sold
Anatolian marble "Violin idol" of the Kusura type
Item Sold
Anatolian Pair Of Silver Bracelets With Dragons' Heads
Item Sold
Anatolian Votive Figure of a Ram
Apulian Black Glazed Juglet
Item Sold
Apulian Black Glazed Mug
Apulian Prochous
Item Sold
Apulian Red-Figure Chous
Item Sold
Apulian Red-Figure Epichysis with an Eros
Apulian Red-Figure Epichysis with Seated Woman
Item Sold
Apulian Red-Figure Kantharos with a Fight Scene between a Horseman and a Foot Soldier
Archaic Cypriot Amphora with a Geometric Decoration
Archaic Greek Couchant Bull
Item Sold
Archaic Greek Pair of Glazed Terracotta Lydia
Archaic Greek Terracotta Kore
Archaic Greek Votive Terracotta Protome of a Woman with an “Archaic Smile”
Archaic Greek White Ground Alabastron
Assyrian Chalcedony Bull Pendant
Attic Greek Black Figure Band Cup with Frieze of Walking Animals
Attic Greek Black Figure Lekythos
Item Sold
Attic Greek Black Figure Lekythos
Attic Greek Black Figure Lekythos with Achilles Pursuing Troilos
Item Sold
Attic Greek Oinochoe in the form of a Female Head
Attic Greek White-Ground Lekythos
Bactrian Alabaster Chalice
Bactrian Bronze Camel
Bactrian Bronze Monkey Seal
Item Sold
Bactrian Bronze Mouflon
Bactrian Lapis Lazuli Bead Necklace
Item Sold
Bactrian Steatite Seal
Boeotian Black Glazed Kantharos
Item Sold
Byzantine Bronze Statuette of a Sheep Standing on an Altar
Byzantine Gold Encolpion in the Shape of a Cross
Byzantine Gold Inlay
Byzantine Terracotta Rhyton In The Shape Of A Goat
Caucasian Bronze Mouflon
Item Sold
Celtiberian Bronze Fibula comprised of Two Horse Protomes
Celtic Appliqué with Abstract Pattern
Celtic Bronze Head Of A Bull
Celtic Late Bronze Age Fibula
Central European Bronze Cauldron
Chinese Bronze Standing Bovine
Chinese Green Glazed Bowl decorated with flowers
Chinese Jet Bead in the shape of a coiled Beast
Classical Greek Almond Flask
Item Sold
Classical Greek Bronze Figure of a Man wearing a Chlamyd
Classical Greek Oinochoe
Cycladic Marble idol of the Louros type