Phoenix Ancient Art brings ancient elegance into the 21st century with e-Tiquities, an online venue for expanding the appreciation and availability of ancient artworks. e-Tiquities offers the opportunity to view our online gallery, to explore ancient artwork, and to learn about that piece's history before you buy. We offer complete transparency and the assurance that you will receive all the information available.

We welcome this opportunity to introduce new collectors and the public to the world of antiquity. All e-Tiquities offerings are guaranteed for authenticity and provenance, as well as evaluated for aesthetic beauty and historical significance. We seek to bring collectors into a world of artistic appreciation through this informative, easy-to-use online forum.


Phoenix Ancient Art has built a global reputation as a leading dealer of antiquities. The elegance of our pieces is unmatched, as is the quality of our service.

Now in its second generation, Phoenix Ancient Art was founded by the late S. Aboutaam in the mid-1960s and was formally incorporated in 1995. Mr. Aboutaam's sons, Ali and Hicham, grew up learning the antiquities trade and took over the business in 1998. Today, Ali and Hicham Aboutaam respectively manage our galleries in Geneva and New York City, along with their talented teams of antiquities specialists.


Hicham Aboutaam inherited a deep love of antiquities from his father and also a life-long obsession with art works of great beauty and exquisite craftsmanship.

A passion for the intimate art of ancient cylinder seals and scarabs that developed during his childhood endures until this day, as Hicham continues to acquire the finest miniature masterpieces for his own personal enjoyment.

Upon completing his university studies in archaeology and art history, Hicham joined his father and brother in the business of buying and selling antiquities. Since then, he has built an international clientele of institutional and private collectors whose desires he fulfills by consistently offering them a superb selection of the highest quality works of ancient art.

Nothing gives Hicham greater pleasure than watching a patron's excitement escalate upon seeing one of his lovely treasures for the first time, except, of course, spending time with his wife and four children.


Ali Aboutaam has been surrounded by ancient art all of his life. Born in the archaeologically rich country of Lebanon, with its abundant remains of the great Phoenician and Roman cultures, he was raised by parents who made their living in the antiquities trade.

While studying engineering in college, Ali improved his already keen eye for high quality works of art by building an impressive collection of Hellenistic coinage, which had been a private passion since his youth.

Following his graduation, Ali went to work for his father, and he now oversees the family business, Phoenix Ancient Art. Because his profession requires him to travel to major cities around the globe, Ali is able to indulge one of the great pleasures of his life, visiting the world's finest museums.

He, his wife, and his daughter make their home in Geneva, Switzerland.