The ancient art of Sardinia was produced by the Nuragic civilization beginning in the second millennium B.C. The Nuragic people take their name from the “nuraghi,” the unique and unusual large stone dwellings which they built throughout ancient Sardinia. In the late Bronze Age the working of that metal became an important activity in Sardinia, and by the 8th century B.C. the vitality of a metal based economy is attested by the large numbers and great variations of its bronze statuettes. One of the most distinctive art forms that Sardinia produced in antiquity, these small bronzes depict village chiefs, hunters, worshippers and animals. The frequent appearance of these bronze figures at sacred sites and wells suggest that they were offerings made in the fulfillment of vows.
Phoenix Ancient Art 2008- No 1 Catalogue
Phoenix Ancient Art's Exotics of the Classical World
Sardianian Statuette of a Priestess
Sardinian Bronze Bull
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