The art of the Islamic World covers a broad geographic area and range of artistic production, dating from as early as the 7th century A.D. with the rise of Islam and the establishment of the first Muslim-ruled states in the Middle East, to as late as the 20th century. Geographically, Islamic art encompasses many regions of Asia, Africa, and Europe where people lived within territory inhabited or ruled by culturally Islamic populations. Covering many lands and peoples over some 1400 years, Islamic art may vary widely and includes a broad range, from major works of Islamic architecture to the fine arts of calligraphy, painting, glass, metalwork, ceramics, jewelry and textiles. The art of the Islamic World often depicts scenes from the Qur’an, but not all of the productions are explicitly religious and include the rich and varied artistic expression of Islamic culture. The arts of Islam derive from a number of sources including Roman, Early Christian, and Byzantine art, which was incorporated by early Islamic art. The influence of Sassanian art of pre-Islamic Persia was particularly significant and Central Asian styles arrived with nomadic incursions; the influence of Chinese art had a formative effect on painting and textiles. There are repeating elements in many forms of Islamic art, such as the use of geometric floral designs in a pattern known as arabesques, which may also be used to symbolize the transcendent and infinite nature of God.
Islamic Blue Enamel Bowl with Black Floral Motifs
Islamic Bowl Decorated with a Cross
Islamic Bronze Applique decorated with Birds
Islamic Bronze Bowl
Islamic Faience Jug
Islamic Garnet-set Gold Filigree Ring
Islamic Glass Medallion
Islamic Gold Ring With A Carnelian Bezel
Islamic Jug decorated with Brown and Blue Motifs
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Islamic Luster Bowl Decorated With A Blue Star
Islamic Luster Bowl Decorated With A Broad Blue Flower
Islamic Pair Of Gold Bracelets
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Safavid Ceramic Bottle
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Syrian Pilgrim Flask