Hellenistic Greek

In the later part of the 4th century B.C., when Alexander the Great conquered much of the known world at the time – from Greece to Asia Minor, Egypt, the lands of Persia, and as far as India – the empire he created and unprecedented contact with diverse cultures gave rise to the Hellenistic period. The death of Alexander in 323 B.C. marks the beginning of the period, which extends into the first century B.C. when Hellenistic art overlaps with that of the Roman period. With the Greek empire consolidated under Alexander, artists of the time continued and even surpassed the masterworks of previous Greek artist’s sculptures in marble and bronze, as well as paintings and mosaics. Alexander’s generals succeeded him and became the first Hellenistic kings who separated the empire into kingdoms under their dynastic rule. These rulers became prominent patrons of the arts and commissioned public works of architecture and sculpture as well as luxury objects out of precious materials such as gold, silver, and ivory. Jewelry became elaborate in form and incorporated rare and precious stones, many of them coming from Asia through newly established trade routes. Created in an age of cultural contact between widely diverse peoples, Hellenistic art is distinctively rich in its subject matter and style. Although artists of the period were heavily influenced by earlier styles, they made great innovations in the realm of architecture, sculpture, painting, mosaics, and the decorative arts, which gives Hellenistic Greek art a look of richness and embellishment that superseded Classical Greek art and has barely been rivaled since.
Greek Bronze Mirror with the Face of a woman
Hellenistic Greek Blue and Yellow Core-Formed Glass Amphoriskos
Item Sold
Hellenistic Greek Blue and Yellow Glass Amphoriskos
Hellenistic Greek Bronze Figure of Serapis seated on a Throne
Hellenistic Greek Bronze figurine in the shape of young crouching African
Hellenistic Greek Bronze statuette of a hunchback
Hellenistic Greek Core-Formed Glass Alabastron
Hellenistic Greek Core-Formed Glass Amphoriskos
Hellenistic Greek Core-Formed Glass Hydria
Hellenistic Greek Deep Blue Glass Bowl
Hellenistic Greek Glass Bowl
Hellenistic Greek Glass Unguentarium
Hellenistic Greek Gold Ring set with a Citrine Cabochon
Hellenistic Greek Head of a Young Girl
Item Sold
Hellenistic Greek Linear Cut Glass Bowl of Amber Color
Hellenistic Greek Linear-Cut Bowl
Hellenistic Greek Monochrome Linear-Cut Bowl
Hellenistic Greek Pair of Gold Earrings
Hellenistic Greek Terracotta head of an actor in a half mask
Hellenistic Greek Yellow and White Core-Formed Glass Amphoriskos
Hellenistic Terracotta statuette of a Grotesque
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