The artistic achievements of ancient Greece, celebrated and imitated throughout history, tower over the art and architecture of many contemporary and subsequent cultures. The art of ancient Greece is primarily known for its monumental stone architecture, unique style of figural vase painting, and graceful sculptures in marble, bronze, and terracotta. The material culture of Greece also includes many smaller scale works of art that are not any less magnificent in spite of their size. These include a wide array of finely made gold jewelry, silver and bronze vessels, engraved gemstones, coins, terracotta figurines, and statuettes of bronze. In its widest chronological scope the art of Greece began in the third millennium B.C. and extend through the end of the Hellenistic period in the first century B.C. However its influence continued in the Roman period and survived intervening centuries to impact the art of the Renaissance and our own modern era. Greek art has an extensive geographical range and is confined not only to works made in mainland Greece, but also the Greek Islands of the Aegean and Ionian Seas. It extends from the western Mediterranean colonies, primarily in Sicily and south Italy to cities and trading outposts in Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean, penetrating even into western and central Asia.
Apulian Black Glazed Juglet
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Apulian Black Glazed Mug
Archaic Greek Couchant Bull
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Archaic Greek Pair of Glazed Terracotta Lydia
Archaic Greek Terracotta Kore
Archaic Greek Votive Terracotta Protome of a Woman with an “Archaic Smile”
Archaic Greek White Ground Alabastron
Attic Greek Black Figure Band Cup with Frieze of Walking Animals
Attic Greek Black Figure Lekythos
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Attic Greek Black Figure Lekythos
Attic Greek Black Figure Lekythos with Achilles Pursuing Troilos
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Attic Greek Oinochoe in the form of a Female Head
Attic Greek White-Ground Lekythos
Boeotian Black Glazed Kantharos
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Classical Greek Bronze Figure of a Man wearing a Chlamyd
Cycladic Marble idol of the Louros type
Geometric Bronze Bird Stamp Seal
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Geometric Bronze Bull
Geometric Bronze Pendant Pyxis
Geometric Bronze Spherical Pendant
Geometric Stylized Bronze Bull head
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Greek Black Glazed Kylix with Four Palmettes
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Greek Bronze Appliqué Depicting a Seated Philosopher
Greek Bronze Mirror with the Face of a woman
Greek Bronze Spearhead
Greek Core-Formed Glass Amphoriskos
Greek Plastic Foot with Lion Mask
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Greek Siana Cup
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Greek Terracotta statuette of a standing actor
Hellenistic Greek Blue and Yellow Core-Formed Glass Amphoriskos
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Hellenistic Greek Blue and Yellow Glass Amphoriskos
Hellenistic Greek Bronze Figure of Serapis seated on a Throne
Hellenistic Greek Bronze figurine in the shape of young crouching African
Hellenistic Greek Bronze statuette of a hunchback
Hellenistic Greek Core-Formed Glass Alabastron
Hellenistic Greek Core-Formed Glass Amphoriskos
Hellenistic Greek Core-Formed Glass Hydria
Hellenistic Greek Deep Blue Glass Bowl
Hellenistic Greek Glass Bowl
Hellenistic Greek Glass Unguentarium
Hellenistic Greek Gold Ring set with a Citrine Cabochon
Hellenistic Greek Head of a Young Girl
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Hellenistic Greek Linear Cut Glass Bowl of Amber Color
Hellenistic Greek Linear-Cut Bowl
Hellenistic Greek Monochrome Linear-Cut Bowl
Hellenistic Greek Pair of Gold Earrings
Hellenistic Greek Terracotta head of an actor in a half mask
Hellenistic Greek Yellow and White Core-Formed Glass Amphoriskos
Kyathos with black figures
MNEMOSYNE: De Chirico and Antiquity
Mycenaean Stirrup Jar
Mycenaean Terracotta Cup