Phoenix Ancient Art Catalogue 2016- 33
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Dimension: 8.5" x 11"
Price: $20.00

Phoenix Ancient Art is pleased to present our 2016 / 33 catalogue, which features eighteen carefully selected works of art that were among the works on display at the two London art fairs , PAD LONDON ART + DESIGN at Berkeley Square (October 3-9, booth B18) and FRIEZE MASTERS at Regent’s Park (October 6-9, booth E10).

Among the several stand out works of art presented here is a POMPEIIAN TABLE WITH WOLVES (no. 7- FRIEZE MASTERS) which is made of bronze and inlaid with silver and niello decoration. Only a few other examples with similar silver inlays are documented: two rectangular tables in the National Archeological Museum, Naples, and one other in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Another extreme rarity is the Proto- Elamite silver STATUETTE OF A SEATED IBEX (no. 5- PAD LONDON). This outstanding ibex reflects both the remarkable technical skills of goldsmiths-craftsmen in the late 4th – early 3rd millennium B.C. and their acute observation of nature and is among the few related silver sculptures that can be seen at the Met and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.