The Celts were noted by ancient writers as a people occupying lands in Europe, primarily north of the Mediterranean region from Galicia in the west to Galatia in the east. Produced by Celtic peoples beginning around 1000 B.C., Celtic art has been found throughout the British Isles and northern, central, and western Europe. The unity of a population spread over such a large area is recognizable by their common speech and artistic traditions. The extensive geographic range and broad chronology of Celtic art extends from stone sculpture of the Bronze Age to fine metalwork of the 6th and 7th centuries A.D. Late Celtic iconography is derived largely from Graeco-Roman models and reflects elements of religious and cultural combinations found throughout Romano-Celtic areas.
Celtiberian Bronze Fibula comprised of Two Horse Protomes
Celtic Appliqué with Abstract Pattern
Celtic Bronze Head Of A Bull
Celtic Late Bronze Age Fibula
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