Canaanite refers to the historical region of Canaan known from references in the Bible.The ancient city of Ugarit, a Canaanite site located in northwestern Syria, was a center of wealth and commerce from about 1450 to 1180 B.C. The remains of two temples, a palace, and private dwellings, as well as two libraries of ancient clay tablets written mainly in alphabetic Ugaritic, the major language of the city, were discovered at the site. Translations of the Ugaritic literary texts provided the first insights into the religion of the Canaanites, known previously mainly from the pages of the Bible. Ugaritic mythological tablets describe the activities of the main gods and goddesses of the Canaanite pantheon. Although there was no single state theology, the major gods reflect local geographical concerns about the fertility of the earth and the importance of water as well as relationships to the sky and the underworld. The universe was believed to be ruled in tandem by the older god El and a main warrior-god, Baal, surrounded by a council of deities and a lower level of attendant gods. More than 234 deities are recorded in such Ugaritic texts.
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