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Roman Glass Horn Flask
New York | Vessels
Date:  1st Century AD
Culture:  Roman
Category:  Vessels
Medium:  Glass
Dimension: L: 36.5 cm
Price: $24,000.00
Provenance: Acquired on the US art market, 1993
Serial No: 1376

This specific shape of a glass vessel formed as a horn is testified by the finds in Pompeii and dates to the early Imperial period. The form is rather traditional and refers to the drinking cups made of real horn and existed for centuries in the wine producing countries.

It is not clear if the Roman vessel was supplied with a specific stand to hold it in a upright position on the table or for the storage (for this reason it could be simply turned upside down), or, as in case of the drinking vessels made of horns and their imitations in silver, it was meant to drink the entire amount of wine before returning it to the table and awaiting for a refill from a helpful server.

The vessel was made of a transparent green glass using free blown technique.