Phoenix Ancient Art 2007 Greek and Roman Gold Catalogue
New York | Catalogues
Category: Catalogues
Dimension: 21.5 cm x 21.5 cm, 1.8 kilograms
Price: $250.00

The works of art assembled in this catalogue are representative of Phoenix Ancient Art’s ongoing dedication to bring to the public only the highest quality and the most engaging subjects from the master craftsmen of antiquity. These works are testaments to the great artistic traditions of the past – works that can scarcely be rivaled even today for the beauty of their exquisitely crafted gold and jewelry.

This Catalogue is of the highest quality, the metallic glazed pages trifold to display each piece. The 44 pages sit in a glistening magnetized box like that of a box of truffles. Each piece, handpicked to compliment the quality of this catalogue.