Phoenix Ancient Art 2006- No 2 Catalogue
New York | Catalogues
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Dimension: 8.5 x 10.75 inches
Price: $20.00


The works of art assembled in this catalogue are representative of Phoenix Ancient Art’s ongoing dedication to bring to the public only the highest quality and the most engaging subjects from the master craftsmen of antiquity. These works are testaments to the great artistic traditions of the past – works that can scarcely be rivaled even today for the beauty of their magnificent sculptures, refined bronzes, vivid mosaics and exquisitely crafted jewelry.

These objects constitute the essence of Western civilization; the products of cultures that helped define the very meaning of civilization, including Mesopotamia, Egypt, Classical Greece and Rome, Central Europe and Southwest Asia.
These pieces were selected for their universal appeal. Within this collection, one can find objects that are accessible to those who are new to ancient art as easily as one can find works that will satisfy the discriminating tastes of the most seasoned collectors. Private individuals as well as institutions and museums may very well find within these pages a great work of art to add to their holdings or to complete a collection.

Softcover: 144 pages
Languages: English and French
Illustrations: 55 full-color Plates