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Attic Greek White-Ground Lekythos
Geneva | Greek Vases
Date:  5th Century BC
Culture:  Greek
Category:  Greek Vases
Medium:  Terracotta
Dimension: H: 19.8 cm
Price: $15,000.00
Provenance:  Ex- Louis-Gabriel Bellon (1819 - 1899) collection, France.
Serial No: 20618

The lekythos is the archetypal vessel for funerary oils in Attic pottery: the variant with a cylindrical, elongated body and a disc-shaped foot was introduced in the last decades of the 6th century B.C. and became the dominant form in the following century.

The subject represented, of funerary nature, is typical of the white-ground Attic style: at the center of the picture, a young woman dressed in a chiton and a himation walks towards a small altar, on which a fire burns. She is about to offer a crown or a garland that she holds in her hands. Behind her hangs a large fabric, whose edge is adorned with fringes. A few lines, indicating the ground, and a frieze of meanders frame the scene; a frieze of languettes decorates the shoulder.

Despite the slightly stereotypical subject, the style of the drawing is of a very good artistic quality: the figure, seen in profile, is drawn in a confident, accurate manner, her clothes are indicated by undulated lines that suggest the forward movement.