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Greek Geometric Bronze rooster Stamp Seal
New York | Animals
Date:  8th Century BC
Culture:  Geometric Greek
Category:  AnimalsSeals & Gems
Medium:  Bronze
Dimension: H: 5.10 cm
Price: $6,000.00
Provenance: Ex- American Private collection, New York, circa 1950s
Serial No: 17635

Greek Geometric animal, a bird, of simple stylized form with long neck and spatulate tail, Resting on a pierced rectangular support, the circular base with an openwork design of encircling triangles.
A great variety of bronze birds from the Geometric Period encompass many types, and as favorite ornaments their significance may range from decorative to symbolic. Typically, their form is sleek and streamlined – the bird’s wings are never portrayed – which preserves the striking geometric appearance of these animals.
For bronze bird pendants, their various contexts in a broad range of cultures, use as personal adornment, and varied find-spots in sanctuaries or graves, all contribute to a cautious interpretation regarding their exact significance in the culture of Geometric Greece.