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Egyptian Limestone Relief with fishing scene
Geneva | Animals
Date:  7th Century BC
Culture:  Egyptian
Category:  AnimalsSculpture
Medium:  Stone
Dimension: H: 10 cm W: 17 cm
Price: $23,500.00
Provenance: Ex-European private collection.
Serial No: 17079

The fragment, painted with remarkable skill, presents two figures carved in very low relief. It is certainly fishermen who move to the left carrying two of their prey. Of each of them, we see only the central part of the body, clothed with a clear loincloth, with fold and belt; Their skin, tanned by the sun, is dyed reddish-brown.
The man on the left holds, supported on his back, a large catfish (Clarias Lazera), a species still widespread today in the rivers and lakes of the African continent. The African catfish is characterized by a long, slender body with long dorsal and ventral fins and a small tail: all these details have been scrupulously reproduced by the artist who decorated this fragment.
The second fisherman caught a fish of another species, which is still suspended from its line: despite the rather slender silhouette, one is tempted to recognize a Nile perch (tilapia nilotica, another species well known days).
The peach scenes belong to the representations of everyday life that regularly adorn the walls of the Egyptian tombs since the Old Kingdom. As was often the case at the beginning of the Late Period, the style is characterized by the search for a certain realism and a tendency to archaism.