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Villanovan Bronze Figurine
New York | Sculpture
Date:  8th Century BC
Culture:  EtruscanVillanovan
Category:  Sculpture
Medium:  Bronze
Dimension: H: 9.2 cm
Price: $20,000.00
Provenance: New York Art Market, June 1994.
Serial No: 464

This figure is of a standing, nude man, his arms extended before him, his palms upturned. His only item of clothing is a small round helmet or cap which falls over his forehead. His face is stylized: his eyes bulge slightly, his nose is straight, his mouth is an incised half circle, his ears jut out from under his helmet.

This bronze figure was produced by a Villanovan artisan. The Villanovan civilization flourished in the land which would become Etruria (in central Italy) during the first part of the first millennium B.C. The Villanovans produced a great number of small schematic bronze figurines such as this one. The man represented here is a worshipper, his hands lifted in adoration. Figurines such as this one seem to have served as decoration for large bronze vessels (craters, amphorae, etc.).

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