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Roman Pair of Gold Hoop Earrings
Geneva | Jewelry
Date:  1st Century AD2nd Century AD
Culture:  Roman
Category:  Jewelry
Medium:  Gold
Dimension: L: 6.7cm
Price: $18,000.00
Provenance: London Art Market, 1983
Serial No: 1947

The earrings are made entirely of gold and are composed of two elements: the hoop, which was inserted into the earlobe, and the pendant fixed to the underside of the ring. The hoop is a circular wire with the clasp at the top; it is decorated with a series of small cast globules. The pendant was formed from two globules positioned vertically and separated by a granulated frieze: some geometric motifs (points in relief, wires forming ample waves) ornament the surface of the pendant. This type of jewel is well documented throughout the eastern part of the Roman empire.